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6 Juin, 2019

Tilray® élargit son offre de produits à base de cannabis médical en Australie en incluant la fleur entière en plus des solutions orales.

Tilray’s complete product offering now the broadest medical cannabis offering from a Licensed Producer in the market

NANAIMO, B.C. – Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY), a global pioneer in cannabis research, cultivation, production, and distribution, today announced the launch of four new products in Australia, expanding the company’s product offering to include both medical cannabis oral solution and whole flower, marking it as the broadest medical cannabis offering from an Licensed Producer in Australia.

Tilray is one of the leading providers of medical cannabis in Australia and New Zealand for commercial, compassionate access and research purposes and was the first Licensed Producer to legally export medical cannabis from North America to Australia and New Zealand from its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified facility in Canada.

“We’re proud to broaden our offering to include both whole flower and oral solutions. This new product mix provides more Australian patients with access to a selection of consumption methods to suit their individual needs,” says Nicole Godresse, General Manager, Tilray Australia and New Zealand. “Tilray medical cannabis products are prescribed to qualified patients across the country including: adult and pediatric patients suffering from chronic illnesses and a number of other approved indications.”

Tilray’s new product offering now includes both whole flower and oral solutions in cannabidiol (CBD)-dominant, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-dominant and balanced varieties.

The new products include:

  • Tilray® T1:C25 Full Spectrum Oral Solution

  • Tilray® T5:C20 Full Spectrum Oral Solution

  • Tilray® Whole Flower THC 25

  • Tilray® Whole Flower THC 10: CBD 10

In addition to supplying hospitals and pharmacies, Tilray is also a proud partner with a number of leading research institutions in Australia. Trials currently underway include a study on the effectiveness of Tilray medical cannabis as treatment for pediatric patients with Intellectual Disabilities suffering from Severe Behavioral Problems; a clinical trial to develop a novel treatment for chemotherapy-induced nausea, and a study examining the effects of driving under the influence of cannabis.

Tilray looks forward to expanding its product offering further and supplying more patients in-need with high-quality medical cannabis products.

Toutes les nouvelles